The Intersector Project seeks to empower practitioners in the business, government, and non-profit sectors to collaborate to solve problems that cannot be solved by one sector alone. We present real examples of collaborations in many places, across many issues and illuminate the tools that make them successful.

Created for practitioners from every sector,
The Intersector Project’s Toolkit is a guide whose goal is to enable leaders to design and implement successful intersector solutions.

One of the country’s leading libraries on U.S.
cross-sector collaborations, our case studies profile leadership and tactics from successful collaborations in a variety of issue areas, including community revitalization, health and wellbeing, infrastructure, education, and environmental conservation.

On The Intersector Project’s blog, we
investigate and provide insights into intersector collaborations around the country.


The Toolkit is a guide to help diagnose, design, implement, and assess successful intersector collaborations. While collaborations differ in their goals, scope, and size, practitioners from any sector can use these tools to navigate their challenges.

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Featured Cases

Redeveloping the Riverfront in Detroit

For decades, the riverfront in Detroit was dotted with run-down industrial sites, parking lots, and overgrown shrubbery, rendering it unusable to the general public....

Latest Blog Posts

  • blogfeaturedimage_IowaWater
    The Middle Cedar Partnership Project: Improving water supply in Iowa

    Complex environmental problems like improving water supplies, promoting economic growth in agriculture, and sustaining our earth’s resources may benefit from cross-collaboration. Now, more than ever, non-profits, businesses, and local government are banding together to create initiatives that preserve and improve our environment. This past week, the city of Cedar Rapids and multiple agriculture commodity groups formed an intersector partnership to improve Iowa’s water quality. ...

  • blogfeaturedyimage_DetroitRapeKitCollab
    Enough SAID: Collaborating for justice in Detroit

    Enough SAID (Enough Sexual Assault in Detroit) is a cross-sector collaboration that has successfully raised business sector funding to test forgotten rape kits, investigate crimes, and prosecute resulting cases, ensuring a safer community for everyone....

  • Public Health Brownsville TX
    Leveraging cross-sector partnerships to connect citizens with government: Lessons from Brownsville, TX

    University of Texas School of Public Health leverages the voices of community members and reduces health risks in Brownsville, TX....