Cases, reports, scholarly articles, and a new filter: recent additions to our Resource Library

10053996 - pile of newspaperIn October of last year, we launched our Resource Library — a section of our website where practitioners, researchers, and anyone exploring the field of cross-sector collaboration can search and filter through hundreds of quality resources (from research organizations, advisory groups, training organizations, academic centers and journals, and more) to discover findings, thoughtful commentary, examples, and tools to improve their cross-sector collaboration thinking and practice.

In an effort to continually enhance the Resource Library, we recently added more than 300 new resources — including reports providing practical, in-depth looks at key topics related to cross-sector collaboration, case studies examining real-life examples of partnership, and much more. Here’s what you’ll find in our recently updated Resource Library:

159 new scholarly articles found through an intensive search of key journals, with more academic work to be added throughout the fall.

43 new case studies, including:

42 new reports, including:

A new feature: “Freely Available Resources Only”
Many academic articles and some cases are available only if purchased, typically for a small fee via an online platform. And, of course, most books are not freely available either. As we expand our collection of these types of resources in the Library, we want users to have the option to review search results that include only resources that they can access freely online. Just check the box next to “Freely Available Resources Only,” and all resources that are available only with purchase will be filtered out of your search results.

And several new tools, books, articles, and more.

You can now also see when a resource is included in one of our topic-specific lists of resources, which examine topics such as cross-sector collaboration in rural areas, resilience, identifying when and how to collaborate, and more.