Master’s Program in Tri-Sector Leadership Trains Students in “Partnership Mindset”

“There’s a tremendous among of conversation about the need for [the business, government, and civil society] sectors to be working together if the world is going to solve its major problems,” yet “we train people in completely different ways, with completely different mindsets,” says Ann Florini, non-resident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and professor of public policy at Singapore Management University (SMU).

In this video, Florini, who helped to develop a master’s in tri-sector collaboration at SMU, discusses the different languages, cultures, and practices that make intersector collaboration difficult. The master’s program, she says, teaches “a very unusual set of skills” aimed at guiding practitioners in navigating these differences. In scenario training, for example, students grapple with questions of how to “get a bunch of very disparate people together and they come up with a common definition of what the problem is in the first place.”

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