Green Seattle Partnership’s Mark Mead

blog_image_GreenSeattleAt the Intersector Project, our cases highlight the strategies in our Toolkit and provide snapshots of these practices in action. Our hope is that these narratives can help others better understand the tools available to them, and ultimately facilitate cross-sector collaborations where they may otherwise stall. While our focus has always been on educating others, and promoting cross-sector collaborations, a recent interview with Mark Mead of Green Seattle Partnership revealed a surprising impact of our work.

Summarizing his experience in participating in our case study process, Mark explained:

The Intersector Project review has revealed the unseen workings behind the success of the Green Seattle Partnership. Over the last 10 years we have worked through a well-thought out operational plan, meeting our goals along the way. I have always been amazed at how well the GSP has done, and in some ways was at a loss to describe the factors that make it work. The Intersector Project brought together unformed thoughts, helping to better illustrate how the success of the GSP can be translated into a model of sustainability for all sectors of our Department.

Our case studies help practitioners better understand the tools and strategies available to them as they engage in cross-sector collaborations; insights like Mark’s emphasize how important the final process of collaboration – assessment – is to the process. By reflecting on their own success, cross-sector leaders help “demystify” the process and contribute to the promotion and appreciation of collaboration.

For more about the Green Seattle Partnership, read the case study “Reforestation of Parks in Seattle”.