Coro Leadership New York Program accepting applications through July 18, 2014

Guest Post by Coro New York Leadership Center

In a city as complex as New York, it isn’t just the mayors and chief executives who shape our future. Meaningful change comes when individuals from business and communities, schools and unions, and government and advocacy groups work across sectors to build bridges and effect change. For 30 years, no other group has put this insight into practice more successfully than Coro New York Leadership Center, and we are currently seeking applications for our 2014-2015  Leadership New York class.

Our Leadership New York Program uses the city as its classroom, and, through intensive training and peer-to-peer learning, provides participants from a variety of background and sectors with a deeper understanding of the city’s pressing social and economic issues. We work to equip our participants with the resources they need to understand how decisions are made, how complex policies are shaped, and how to influence meaningful change.

At the foundation of each of Coro’s leadership programs is a drive for cross-cultural and cross-sectoral understanding. We provide training for our participants in expanding their self awareness through exposure to multiple perspectives, so they can incorporate different points of view and voices in their decision-making, influence and inspire others, and move decisions forward to involve large groups and multiple interests.

Approximately 50 successful mid-career professionals from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors are selected to participate each year. Selected participants reflect the demographics of New York City and leave our program with an unparalleled network of more than 2,000 engaged civic leaders.

To apply for this year’s class of Leadership New York visit; the application deadline is July 18, 2014.

Please contact or 212-248-2935 ext. 303 for further information.