Case studies, multimedia, pay for success, and more: new additions to our Resource Library

10053996 - pile of newspaperIn October of last year, we launched our Resource Library — a section of our website where practitioners, researchers, and anyone exploring the field of cross-sector collaboration can search and filter through hundreds of quality resources (from research organizations, advisory groups, training organizations, academic centers and journals, and more) to discover findings, thoughtful commentary, examples, and tools to improve their cross-sector collaboration thinking and practice.

In an effort to continually enhance the Resource Library, we recently added nearly 65 new resources — in some cases adding newly published resources, and in other cases adding to sections of the Library that we found were not as extensive as others. Here’s what you’ll find in our recently updated Resource Library:

20 new case studies
The newly added case studies come from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Business School, and the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration (E-PARCC), a project of the Collaborative Governance Initiative at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. Highlights include:

  • Inclusive Management: Planning “Green Grand Rapids,” from E-PARCC, which “puts the readers in the shoes of the city planning director of Grand Rapids, Michigan, who is about to embark on a major city-wide environmental initiative.”
  • Too Many Parents? Governance of Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway, from Harvard Kennedy School, which “examines through the lens of governance structure the evolution of the Central Artery (or ‘Big Dig’) in Boston, a public works project of historic proportion, which had the potential to create a green oasis of parks in the heart of downtown.”
  • Detroit: On the Right Track? from Harvard Business School: “As this case opens in 2012, a cross-sector alliance to bring new rail transport to the Motor City seems about to collapse, and civic leaders have one last chance to save it.”

10 new multimedia resources
These new additions include several audio lectures and interviews from SSIR on corporate-non-profit partnerships; a video featuring FSG’s John Kania leading a session on Collective Impact at the White House Council for Community Solutions; and a webinar from Living Cities that “identifies the challenges most cross-sector partnerships face, and explores cross-sector case studies to help you improve your own work.”

A new Pay for Success category
As we were identifying resources for the Library, we encountered many excellent resources about pay for success and social impact bonds. So we decided these resources deserved their own category in our Partnership Type section, and we’ve included a range of resources that will prove helpful to practitioners considering embarking in a pay-for-success initiative:

And several new articles, books, reports, and more.