Calling all civic leaders in NYC: Coro’s Leadership New York

blogimage_CoroFor more than 25 years, Coro’s Leadership New York (LNY) program has worked to equip thousands of New York’s top leaders with resources to lead meaningful change. Coro’s unique style of civic leadership is built on understanding complexity, listening to multiple perspectives, and driving change in complex, multi-stakeholder environments.

Coro will begin accepting applications for this year’s LNY program on June 13. We recently spoke with Maya Gutierrez, Senior Director of Leadership New York, to learn more about the program, its goals and benefits, who should apply, and more.

What can LNY participants expect to learn over the nine months of the program?
LNY participants can expect to have a unique leadership training experience, one unlike any other. You will hone your professional skills through the lens of a multi-stakeholder environment. Using the city as a classroom, you will enhance your capacity to lead, explore different leadership and communication models to perfect your own, and explore the current public policy issues in New York City. We believe cross-sector collaboration is key in building towards and achieving change. You will interact with leaders across sectors in order to gain broader understanding of how other sectors function, as well as discover ways in which collaboration is possible.

The LNY program is geared toward leaders who work in multi-stakeholder environments. How does the LNY program help leaders work across sectors to address the city’s most pressing issues?
The city is a complex mechanism; you don’t always get to see the moving parts, especially if you stay within your sector. By sharing multiple perspectives, you will gain a greater understanding of how the city functions, and how you can create collaboration in order to achieve change. You will also have the opportunity to grapple with a current issue facing New York City and design an Issue Day that will explore all different sides of it – and get to participate in six others designed by cohort members throughout the program.

What are the benefits of participating in LNY?
You will be connected to our network of over 2,400 dedicated alumni and will gain the knowledge and skills necessary in order to excel and create civic change in New York City. You will not only develop close ties with your cohort and Issue Day team but also have the opportunity to interview and interact with a diverse group of stakeholders, from council members to neighborhood activists, company heads and social entrepreneurs. You will be in direct contact with those who make the city function from multiple angles. While designing your Issue Day with your team, you will also be practicing personal leadership development as well as learning Coro tools. You will develop and continue to hone the skills necessary for being a leader such as inquiry, giving and receiving feedback, and practicing courageous conversations.

What qualities does Coro look for in LNY applicants?
We look for leaders in New York City who have a passion for driving and creating change and are looking to be challenged and to grow in their leadership capacity. Each cohort reflects the demographic makeup of New York City and comprises individuals who have demonstrated civic interest and achievement. About a third of individuals in each cohort come from each sector (private, public, non-profit). Applicants should be prepared for an immersive, group-structured experience in personal reflection for leadership growth and public policy exploration.

Is there anything else we should know about Leadership New York?
Leadership New York is a program in which you will get as much as you give. Along with the program calendar dates, you will receive invitations to civic events and attend inter-cohort activities and Coro-sponsored outings. The curriculum is premiere, and so are the people who are drawn to this program. Building time to develop the social connections and network that will be available to you is vital to maximizing everything the program has to offer.


Looking to learn more about LNY and assess if it’s right for you? Sign up to attend an information session on June 14 or June 29 to learn more about Coro-style leadership program structure and methodology, converse with alumni, and meet Maya Gutierrez, Senior Director of LNY.

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