ARSP releases 10th anniversary issue exploring and celebrating cross-sector collaboration

blogimage_ARSPLast month, we devoted a week of content to examining how a closer connection between research and practice can advance the field of cross-sector collaboration. One group working to bridge this divide is the Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP), whose 10th anniversary issue was released last month and is freely available online. “By working in silos — whether it is sector-related or … research-practice silos — we miss great opportunities for cross-fertilization and improved outcomes,” explained Lea Stadtler, a Research Fellow at the Geneva PPP Research Center who worked on the latest issue of ARSP, when we spoke with her in June.

With sections devoted to pedagogy, praxis, sustainability partnerships, publications, and more, and articles exploring a range of issues, from government roles in collaborative initiatives to energy efficiency to agricultural development, the 10th issue of ARSP covers topics that will appeal to cross-sector collaboration researchers and practitioners alike.

The publication also includes a special celebratory section for the 10th anniversary with reflections from the editorial team, advisory board, and ARSP readers. In this section you’ll find the ARSP International Thought, Practice & Thexis Honors List, which, Stadtler told us, is “intended to capture and demonstrate how the theory or actions of a thought/practice leader have influenced people around the world.” The list includes 28 impressive cross-sector leaders chosen by people from 13 countries, along with narratives of the personal impact they’ve had on the individuals who nominated them.

You can download the ARSP 10th anniversary issue here via Greenleaf Publishing (quick free registration needed to download).