Intersector Book on Cross-sector Collaboration

The Intersector Project is working with Dan Gitterman of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to curate a book on the future of government, business, and non-profit sector collaboration in the United States of America. The Brookings Institution Press book will include contributions from recognized scholars and practitioners from multiple disciplines who share an interest in the importance of multi-sector collaboration and its relevance to problem-solving.


The book will be published by Brookings Institution Press in early 2021. More details on the book and its contributors are forthcoming.


The book is available for pre-order here.

The Costs and Benefits of Intersector Collaboration

The purpose of this project is to test the hypothesis that benefits exceed costs when the government, business, and non-profit sectors collaborate on programs and initiatives.


There is limited information on this topic available beyond anecdotal case studies. This project will review relevant methodologies, literature, program evaluations, and data sources to (1) highlight methods and solutions to address common challenges with measuring costs and benefits in cross-sector collaboration (2) identify application opportunities for those methods and (3) outline the importance of this approach in multi-sector collaboration.

In Spring 2020 ,The Intersector Project is convening roundtable discussions with evaluators and practitioners with interests in this area.

Media Learning Module

Government, business, and non-profit sector collaboration is occurring across the country, but journalists face many difficulties in covering them well — from the complicated nature and ambiguity of the partnerships to the limited time and resources journalists have for each story. While there are strong examples of reporting on cross-sector collaboration, many stories fail to include key elements that provide nuanced, thorough coverage on the topic and often fail to focus on the governance of the collaboration. Yet, the public needs quality coverage, not only to educate practitioners on the risks and rewards of this approach, but also to hold public officials and agencies accountable for their work in these collaborations.


The Intersector Project is developing a Media Learning Module and will convene journalists in Spring 2020 to highlight key practices and provide resources for reporting on partnerships among the government, business, and non-profit sectors in the United States. This workshop aims to support journalists who cover or might cover cross-sector collaboration, exploring the challenges they face and providing them with tools to address those challenges. The Media Learning Module is informed by The Intersector Project’s How the Press Covers Cross-sector Collaboration report, which aimed to address key challenges faced by journalists covering complex collaborations and partnerships across different sectors.


An overview of the workshop can be found here.

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